All Costume Pages Have Been Added!

Hope you all had a spooktacular Halloween! I am proud to announce that all of my cosplay pages have finally been filled out! That said, I'm sure there may be a few glitches or typos here and there, since I haven't had anyone to proofread them. So if you notice anything weird like a missing photographer credit, inaccurate pages, or strange formatting, feel free to let me know at and I can fix it at once. More photos will be added also, I just have more than a few files to sift through!

Despite all of my costume pages being completed, I actually have a few more costumes already finished that just haven't had shoots yet, so as those get their own content and photos, they'll eventually be added too, along with any other new outfits I do in the future! Also coming soon will be my con and cosplay timelines. They'll be two different timeline summaries, almost like a log of what I have done in the past, in chronological order. This way you can see a handy progression of my costumes and also see what cosplays I wore when and to what cons!

Photo by Koji

Also coming soon, I will be implementing an online shop for my store! Here, you will be able to purchase made-to-order prints, merchandise, and accessories, as well as download my printable sewing patterns! Digital photoset downloads may be a possible consideration as well, so keep your eyes peeled. ;3 In the meantime, feel free to check out my Storenvy for prints, or my Etsy for patterns and merchandise!

For more updates, don't forget to subscribe to my blog posts so you never miss a beat! I'll let you know when cool new stuff is happening, when I'm announced as a guest at cons, or when any other exciting news is going on! I may also eventually start doing some more editorial pieces when I get more established. I hope you look forward to it, because I sure am!

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